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(Poan Pan)

Poan‘s work celebrates the movement and warmth of humanity,
capturing the essence of awkwardness in everyday life!

My Journey of Psychogeography

Through exploring the concept of psychogeography, walking as a medium explores the potential of observation and creates an intimate conversation with the surrounding environment. My Journey of Psychogeography is my response to the question of modern technology influencing people's perspective of being. On the other hand, it respnds to my struggle with self-identity. I experiment with the combination of illustration, video, audio and photography to reproduce my walking experiences.

Respond to my questoin about how modern technology impacts the daily life of human being. The film, The Society of the Spectacle(1974) directed by Guy Debord, said that technology provided convenience, but it also subconsciously engineered or even manipulated our behaviours. Life will become a representation detaching from every aspect of life and creating the separation.

“What the spectacle has taken from reality must be taken back from it. The world has already been filmed. The point now is to change.” (The Society of the Spectacle, 1974)

From my interpretation, Guy Debord’s concept of psychogeography was like a response rather than an answer to the social issue. Dérive or drift, a simple but powerful way, led the psychogeographers to engage with the city from a different perspective. Through the experience of establishing an emotional connection with the surrounding environment, did not only regain control of our life but also challenge the urban city, which planned by the authority.

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(1963) by Stan Brankhage leads me toward an abstract and experimental direction, which I believe in this way the audiences would have the freedom to explore the message with their imagination.
(Pages of my Sketchbook)

(Pages of my Diary.)
To me, diary is a form expressing the personal thought and keeping records of the transition of my emotion. The diary becomes the spice seasoning the experimental animation with a touch of intimacy.

(Digital documents of the Walks.)

(Film Photography of the Walks.)