Illustrate by

(Poan Pan)

Poan‘s work celebrates the movement and warmth of humanity,
capturing the essence of awkwardness in everyday life!

Mr Lightbulb

Animator: Poan Pan
Sound Designer: Hector Barnicoat-Hood
During the surreal situation of lockdown, loneliness blindfolds me; furthermore, the uncertainty of pandemics leads me to question the meaning of life and wonder if life is absurd. As my response to the existential crisis, I embed my interpretation in the animation, Mr Lightbulb.

Inspire by Soul (2020) and It’s such a beautiful day (2013), instead of striving to find the meaning of life, the human being can learn to embrace the absurdity of life and explore the potential of observation; furthermore, appreciate the everyday aesthetics.

In 1794, travelling is a luxury and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, Xavier explains his idea of travelling in the room through the connection of the memories. He mentions that the pleasure of travelling is not because of the destination, instead, it’s the mindset that makes travelling pleasant. This idea provides a distinct understanding of the relationship between space and people which triggers my room photography experiment .