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(Poan Pan)

Poan‘s work celebrates the movement and warmth of humanity,
capturing the essence of awkwardness in everyday life!

The Gloriously Awkward

Cover Design
Client: Cubitts, an independent British spectacles bran.

The cover of the 7th issue of The Spectacle, a biannual publication of Cubitts, celebrates the gloriously awkward.  "Cubitts likes awkward people. Those who refuse to acquiesce to an accepted narrative. We like awkward things too. Objects that stand awkwardly out. Aesthetic jolts, bumps in anodyne taste.⁠" (Quote from Cubitts)

"Your thoughts will reflect on your face " is my punchline and how to translate the abstract idea into a physical illustration becomes the starting point of my journey. With the composition of the elements, I apply movement to illustrate the continuous changing of thoughts.

Image credit: Cubitts

" I like awkward people. Those who don’t fit in and don’t mind not fitting in. Those who refuse to acquiesce to an accepted narrative. I might disagree with them ... but I relish their resistance. It’s how culture progresses. " (Selection from the Editors Letter)

Selected Sketches

Image credit: Cubitts